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There seems to be an endless supply of joy and sunshine today. Life never ends with the end of a relationship. In fact the relationship does not end, it only changes.
Change can become overwhelming if looked at through fearful eyes. If only one can change the perception and see the changed relationship as the beginning instead of the end.  The beginning of something entirely new and exciting.

What new adventure lies before you today?

Somehow, our fear creeps back, leading us to hang tight to the old relationship.  The universe works for us and in our favour, when we grasp the FUTURE tightly and embrace the unknown journey before us.  Do not despair!  CHEER!  Raise your glass and open your heart to the new love waiting in the future.  It waits until you are ready to find it. It has always been there, you just never led YOU to it. …..Until Now….

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Nelly Bttns said...

I just write the stuff, sometimes I'm not sure of the punctuation or of the meaning of what I'm writing:)

These are so vague and they mean something different to everyone. Some take it to mean a NEW person and some have taken it to mean the same person, just in a new way.

An old relationship with a new beginning, finding new love within it:)