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Going the Distance...

September 9, 2010

It seems so unsettled.  Such chaos looming in your heart, see the light in your heart.  The light in your eyes has disappeared. The shine can appear again only when you learn to accept the past. You have changed and live with regrets.  Tomorrow you will wake to start a new process of your life. The time will stand still only for a moment, you will see and you will accept the truth for the first time . You will truly accept what you have always known.  Life hasn't cheated you, you chose the paths that led you to where you stand today. The choice is yours today as well.  You have the choice to carry on and deny yourself the life you can have, or you can choose to do all that is needed for your light to shine again.

Maybe you've been looking too hard for answers when they've always been right in front of you.


Nelly said...

You have touched my heart and I have faith in you <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you wonderful.